Outside of the financial world, I enjoy a mix of activities to help keep me balanced in life. I spend much of my time with my family. We enjoy Sonoma County and all that it has to offer.  We hike in the redwoods, at the coast, and participate in the rich diversity of our community. I am an outdoorsman and believe in protecting the environment. I volunteer for the Forest Service and spend time ensuring our wilderness is protected for future generations. I support various organizations that work to protect nature and keep balance in check.

I participate in activities, such as alpine and Nordic skiing. I love being in the silence of nature on my cross-country skis among the tall pines and deep snow. It is during those moments that I realize that some things are more important than money. I have been an avid swimmer all my life and swam division 1 at Marist College.  I participate in many aquatic activities, including teaching swimming and being a volunteer high-school swim coach.  I enjoy sailing San Francisco Bay, kayaking on Lake Tahoe, mountain biking on a rugged trail, and scuba diving on a pristine coral reef.

I enjoy participating in activities that money cannot buy. I enjoy creating art in watercolor and other mediums. I have been an avid musician since I was 12, and play Americana, folk music, and specialize in bluegrass guitar. I have been doing yoga for ten years and try to live a healthy and balanced life. I believe this balance helps me make better financial planning decisions. I am open-minded and interested in hearing about the interests of my clients and prospects.